Spacehopper was formed by Chris Spacehopper who produces the core sound. Darren plays driving bass guitar while Phil or Philomena plays harmonic techno lead guitar and Gos adds percussion.

Chris Spacehopper

Chris has been performing live dance music at parties, festivals and raves since 1990. Chris produces and shapes the Spacehopper sounds while playing synths and mixing the percussion and guitars.

With over 30 years experience of DJ'ing both Internationally and within the UK, Chris also DJs a cross genre of House, Techno, Trance and Nu-Disco as DJ Spacehopper


Darren Spacehopper


Darren drives the bottom end of the Spacehopper sound with his bass guitar adding filtered resonant wobs


Phil or Philomena Spacehopper


previously playing with Celtica and HonkyDub, Phil was Spacehopper's orginal Bass player. Now after a short break, Phil or Philomena has returned and now harmonises with the Spacehopper sound to perfection playing techno lead guitar


Gos Spacehopper

Previously working with HonkyDub and Rebel Lion, Gos's percussive skills have merged with the Spacehopper sound perfectly